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Meet Kimberly


I first began my connection with spirit world shortly after a family member was taken by a tragic accident. We may never understand certain things in life but have to leave it in God's hand and trust. I started with auto writing which can be explained as writing produced without conscious intent and is thought to have come from telepathic or spiritual guidance. I realized my writing contained messages to loved ones and validations to their guidance into their healing process.  I knew this was a gift that was meant for helping people and so I decided to embrace it. God had blessed me with this amazing gift so my journey began.

How do I tune into Psychic information?

The answer is simple, energetic vibration. Each of our thoughts, feelings, ideas and emotions vibrate at a specific frequency which we transmit into the world around us. For example: happiness vibrates at one frequency while fear is at another, almost as if we were tuning into different radio stations. For some Psychics, their stations are limited but for me, I can tune into many. I'm able to tune into vibrations quickly allowing me to translate information at a higher speed. Whether it be on a feeling level, auditory level or visual, i'm able to convey what I'm perceiving back to the person as quickly as the information is received. I work with my higher self and team of Guides, without using any external tools. I have the ability to work within the center of communication, through the different realms of energy. This allows me to see a view into life's journey and have found this way to be the most accurate and honest way. 

Have a Great Day and God Bless you!!

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In Memoriam

Cassie Elaine Stolzenberger

How can I start to describe my beautiful niece, she had a smile that would light up a room. When she was born, I saw that smile and bonded to her instantly, we became closer then I could have ever thought possible. She made me laugh with her funny jokes and always cared about our family so deeply, my kids thought the world of her.

I was deeply honored to have her in my world the 20 years I got her. 

I love you sweetie and miss you with every beat of my heart. You will never be forgotten. I give my services in your honor to all the people I’m able to help.

Love you Mimmie

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